Universidad de Madeira

The University of Madeira is a higher education institution whose mission is to develop and disseminate knowledge through teaching, research and development and innovation.

The ISOPlexis Germplasm Bank is a unit that carries out basic or applied research in the field of agriculture, food and sustainability, with a special focus on Agrobiodiversity and Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (GAER). Its scope includes inventory, conservation, evaluation and valorization of biorefineries, promotion and transfer of knowledge, and technology and support to the bioeconomy. Its line of research on the prospection and inventory of agrobiodiversity is directed at the study of agro-systems and associated genetic resources, including soils and the action of global change on them, including climate change. In addition, the research unit has participated in more than 26 research, technology transfer, or innovation projects, as the main beneficiary or partner, among which were the transnational projects AGRICOMAC (MAC/1/C047), GERMOBANCO III (05/MAC/4.1/C15), GERMOBANCO II (03/MAC/4.1/C15), GERMOBANCO I (01/MAC/2.3/C55), the Batatinpan innovation projects (MADFDR-01-0190-FEDER-000012), BPMA (MADFDR-01-0190-FEDER- 000013), or the EuropeAid and AEGRO Community projects.

Universidad de Madeira
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Miguel Ângelo Almeida Pinheiro de Carvalho
(+351) 291 705 386 / 5386
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Banco de Germoplasma ISOPlexis
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Main participant